Baltimore Museum of Industry

Bottle Filler Bring on the Cutter White and Middleton Engine on Display
Metalworking Lathe and Pans Belts Driving the Machines Can Washing Tank
Can Belt Driver Vintage Vehicles Davidson's Transfer Moving Truck
Moving Truck Green Chesapeake and Potamac Telephone Company Truck 1947 Ford Truck
Spicer Productions Car 1917 Esskay Truck Ask For Esskay
Side View of the Spicer Car Jacob Fussell Ice Cream Cart Nearly Modern Print Machine
1871 Franklin Gordon Press 1900 Copperplate Press Tribal Shirt
Power Generator T3-696 Industrial Car Window Installation Robot Loading Dock Practice Area
Buffalo-Springfield Roller Company Steamroller Chair and Mirror and The Hollywood Diner Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Crane
Working Point by David Hess Amalgam of Parts Knabe Piano Factory Cupola
Cupola and Bridge BMI Sign Dockside Rusted Pulley Krane Kar
Some Sort of Engine Two Balls Giant Bin
Behind the Bethlehem Steel Crane Pipes Together Against the Big Sky
The Governor's Annapolis 1 Telephone Cloth Cutting Scissors Electric Car