Sun Facing  Sun Facing Trees in Bloom  Trees in Bloom Yellow Horn  Yellow Horn
Out of Green Leaves  Out of Green Leaves Field of Lavender Hues  Field of Lavender Hues Tiny Flame  Tiny Flame
Purple Ring  Purple Ring Budding Weeping Cherry  Budding Weeping Cherry Light Touch  Light Touch
Brilliant Orange  Brilliant Orange Yellows and Oranges  Yellows and Oranges Sun Pierced  Sun Pierced
White Stripes  White Stripes Sharps  Sharps Purity  Purity
Streaks  Streaks Like a Rose  Like a Rose Faded Folds  Faded Folds
DSC 8041  DSC_8041 Planted Lobe Spiked Balls on the Canna
Yellow Up From the Mulch Restful Bench Red Lit
White Fingers Yellows White Coated
Fuschia to Green Pink Radiance Smashed Trumpets
Like Icicles in the Summer Ordered Rows Fuzzy Tales
Pinker Centers Little Hibiscus Like Alien Landing Craft
Color Lines Yellow and Red in the Bright Summer Light Blaring Towards the Light
Spotted Yellow Canna Fraying White