Fuzzy Slipper  Fuzzy Slipper Closed Lady Slipper  Closed Lady Slipper Five Points  Five Points
Streaked  Streaked Like Paint Spray  Like Paint Spray Almost Ethereal  Almost Ethereal
Forked Tongue  Forked Tongue Cluster of Phalenopsis  Cluster of Phalenopsis In Line  In Line
Dipped Yellow Tips  Dipped Yellow Tips White Star  White Star Miltonia Waterfalls  Miltonia Waterfalls
Frayed  Frayed Pink Slipper  Pink Slipper Tiny Blooms  Tiny Blooms
Like a White Squid  Like a White Squid Little Yellow Spikes  Little Yellow Spikes Little Mouth  Little Mouth
Light Spray  Light Spray White Purple Yellow  White Purple Yellow Big Beard  Big Beard
Different Facing  Different Facing Stripes and Spots  Stripes and Spots Pink Dendrobium Blooms  Pink Dendrobium Blooms
Intense Yellow  Intense Yellow White Burst  White Burst Thick Petals  Thick Petals
Like Hanging Dresses  Like Hanging Dresses Turn Down  Turn Down