Bee in the Middle  Bee in the Middle Dhalia Like a Flame Burst  Dhalia Like a Flame Burst A Bud With Ears  A Bud With Ears
Tangerine Colored Burst  Tangerine Colored Burst Mango Sunset Flower  Mango Sunset Flower Nestled Close  Nestled Close
Lone Dhalia  Lone Dhalia Magenta Tips  Magenta Tips Spiked Sun  Spiked Sun
Petals Surrounding an Eye  Petals Surrounding an Eye Multilayered  Multilayered Line of Dhalias  Line of Dhalias
Big Flower Puffs  Big Flower Puffs Finding a Meal  Finding a Meal Center Like Corn Kernels  Center Like Corn Kernels
Tight and Disheveled  Tight and Disheveled Majestic Purple  Majestic Purple Petal Tubes  Petal Tubes
Host to a Duo of Bees  Host to a Duo of Bees Orb of Tubes  Orb of Tubes Rising Orbs  Rising Orbs
Open and Shut 1  Open and Shut 1 Open and Shut 2  Open and Shut 2 Rolled  Rolled
Blaze of Pink in the Center  Blaze of Pink in the Center Like an Egg in the Middle  Like an Egg in the Middle Bloom Among Buds  Bloom Among Buds
White Stripes  White Stripes Closed Purple and Yellow  Closed Purple and Yellow Brushed Tips  Brushed Tips
Deep Red Petals  Deep Red Petals Yellow Light From the Center  Yellow Light From the Center Spiked Petals  Spiked Petals
Lopsided  Lopsided A Mess Below  A Mess Below Red Against the Green  Red Against the Green
Layers of Rot  Layers of Rot Purple Shadowing  Purple Shadowing Purple Tips in the Middle  Purple Tips in the Middle
Side By Side  Side By Side Yellow Branchings  Yellow Branchings Peach Burst  Peach Burst
Two Flaming Eyes  Two Flaming Eyes Light Purple  Light Purple Grouped in Purple  Grouped in Purple
Strange Petals  Strange Petals DSC 9667  DSC_9667 From Behind  From Behind
Rising Pair  Rising Pair Adding Colors  Adding Colors Severed  Severed
Bathed in Sunlight  Bathed in Sunlight Way Close  Way Close Yellow and White Bursting From Fuschia  Yellow and White Bursting From Fuschia
Round and Curled  Round and Curled Like a Planet  Like a Planet Radiating  Radiating
Little Pink Tubes  Little Pink Tubes Browning  Browning Like a Yellow Sun  Like a Yellow Sun
Rotting Remains  Rotting Remains Like Two Vomiting Buds  Like Two Vomiting Buds Fireburst Against the Blue  Fireburst Against the Blue
Duo Dahlias  Duo Dahlias Little Stripes  Little Stripes Flat View  Flat View
Pushing Through the Green  Pushing Through the Green Like a Yellow Yolk  Like a Yellow Yolk Like an Eye on a Stalk  Like an Eye on a Stalk
Light Purple Flare  Light Purple Flare Fading Out  Fading Out White Highlights  White Highlights
Angled Upwards  Angled Upwards Magenta Star  Magenta Star Mess of Yellow  Mess of Yellow
Closed and Open  Closed and Open Wild Petals  Wild Petals Sun Burst and Delicate Purple Colors  Sun Burst and Delicate Purple Colors
Magenta Burst  Magenta Burst Speckled  Speckled Pop Up  Pop Up
Center Peek  Center Peek Bumbling  Bumbling Feast for Bees  Feast for Bees
In Midair  In Midair Scallopped  Scallopped Darkness in Violet  Darkness in Violet
Chaotic  Chaotic Little and Big  Little and Big Bright Trio  Bright Trio
Crowned  Crowned Little Top  Little Top Streaming Brown  Streaming Brown
Asymmetric  Asymmetric Dark Center  Dark Center Little Rising Suns  Little Rising Suns
Line of Four  Line of Four Among the White  Among the White Purple Line  Purple Line
Frosting  Frosting Pastel Trio in Bloom  Pastel Trio in Bloom Flop  Flop
Red Yellow and Green  Red Yellow and Green Focused Downward  Focused Downward White on Wood  White on Wood
Three Together  Three Together Crawl Inside  Crawl Inside Sun Seeker  Sun Seeker
Touch of Yellow  Touch of Yellow Crawler  Crawler Clenched  Clenched
Wings  Wings Radiating Petals  Radiating Petals Not Identical  Not Identical
Tubular Orange Cream  Tubular Orange Cream Brushed Soft  Brushed Soft Pastel Burst  Pastel Burst
Fading to Yellow  Fading to Yellow White Tipped Spikes  White Tipped Spikes Hungry Inside  Hungry Inside
Pink Teeth Yellow Flaring Streaks of Light Purple
Splatter Side Squash Multiple Shades
Single Drip One Red Star Opened – Version 2
Tightly Centered Star Opened Yellow Into Pink
Fiery Out Front Closed Mass of Teeth Tangerine Colored Petals
Magenta Touched Tips Stripes Forward Puffed Out of the Fence
Different Directions Rolled Petals In a Puff Layers Inside
Orange Cream Above the Post Three Stars Yellow Bursting
Resting Nectar Seeker Bright Redness Specks
Buds Beneath Dahlias Bathed in Bright Sunlight Bee Feasting
Swirling Petals Everywhere Darker Pink Stripes Fade and ROt
Under Harsh Light Light Stripes in the Sun Orange Clusters
Sun Seeker Dark Magenta Blooming Frosted Tips
Two Different Bees Thin Tips Bright Yellow Sun Bursting in the Center
Red White and Yellow Pink Bursting From Yellow Petals Bee Ride
Bee in the Center Subtle Yellow Glow Two Close Orange
Beautiful Tangled Mess Dark Fading to LightNEW Light Touching DropsNEW
Drops on PointsNEW